In line with dynamic battlefield conditions, the utilization of electronic mission system in today’s military vehicles is increasing. In a typical combat vehicle, various sub-systems like vehicle electronics, weapon systems, C4I, surveillance, counter measures, situational awareness, etc. are all expected to be in use almost simultaneously. Such operational scenario mandates the diversity, reliability and high capacity of the on-board energy supplies, as independent as possible from the vehicle engine.

Brensan, with vehicle power management systems built around lithium-ion batteries, provides today’s and future military vehicles with the essential reliable, flexible and high capacity power infrastructure. With state-of-the art and military qualified lithium-ion batteries in its core and used as main and/or system batteries, the vehicle power management system provides optimum management and utilization of available energy sources on the vehicle. Long autonomy durations independent from the vehicle engine reduces the wear, fuel consumption and logistical requirements.