Apart from our standart products, we offer design and manufacturing services for custom power electronics sub-systems required in your projects, utilizing the product design and manufacturing expertise in Brensan.

Implementing a multi-layered approach and conducting all the steps from concept phase to final product in interaction with our customer, we realize your vision for power electronics into reality.

With decades of design expertise, the custom designs cover a wide portfolio including test circuits, electronic loads, brushless motor control electronics etc.

The areas that we make custom designs are:

  • Analog circuit design
  • Embedded systems
  • Power electronics

The process for design, prototyping and validation of our custom services covers in general the following steps depending on the customer’s project model:

  • Requirements definition
  • Project planning
  • Block-diagram level design
  • Interface design
  • Detailed/functional electronics design
  • PCB design and implementation
  • Packaging design and implementation
  • Design review phases
  • Documentation